Monday, June 10, 2019

EJ&E Well Pump House


Steve Kraus posted
Can anyone tell me about this curious building along the CN/EJ&E in Frankfort, IL (between control points Frank and Fort!)? Hoped to get it with a train but ATCS showed nothing coming soon. Photo taken yesterday. [6/6/2019]
Jacob Metzger It’s a EJ&E water pumping house from ages ago, from what I’ve always been told.
Steve Kraus Ah. Must have been a water tower near there.
.Unfortunately, Facebook deleted my comment, so I have to type it again here.

I concur that it is a pump house. The gantry above the rectangle hole in the roof is to pull sections of the well pipe when they need to clean the screen at the bottom of the well.

In this 1939 photo, Oak Street, which is near the left side of the photo, crossed the tracks.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
I scaled this satellite image so that the distance between Oak Street and Center Road would be about the same.
In this photo I added a red rectangle around the pump house and yellow rectangles around possibilities for water towers.
Above aerial photo plus Paint
Of all of the buildings that the EJ&E had here, why is this the only one still standing? Is it now one of the wells that Frankfort Village uses for their water supply?

Thomas Dyrek posted
The Frankfort steam pump house as it appeared a few days ago. When was it built and when was the adjacent depot removed? Thomas Dyrek photo.

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