Monday, June 24, 2019

B&OCT Yard Towers at Barr Yard: Halsted and Ashland

Halsted Tower 3D Satellite
I have already written notes about Barr Yard.  These notes focus on the two yard towers.

I'm making copies of some satellite images with plenty of context since the towers will disappear when Google updates the image.

Ashland Tower 3D Satellite

Halsted Tower 3D Satellite
And I'm saving an image of the yard itself since the tracks are rather full. CSX plans to reduce the use of this yard by running its merchandise trains to Clearing Yard instead of here.

Thomas Wyatt posted [link withheld] June 20, 2019, cropped
putting in work on halsted tower...
Dennis DeBruler Were these already unused or does this mean CSX is serious about closing Barr Yard?
Jay P Cee Dennis DeBruler they have been unoccupied for 15 years
Jay P Cee But Barr is still in desperate need
Dennis DeBruler Jay P Cee So they quit using them back when the yard was still very alive.
<name withheld> They stopped using them when they started using cameras in the yard and brought the yardmasters into the trainmaster office so they could try to micromanage us better.

Scott Griffith posted
[The comments argue about Ashland vs. Halsted.
This is the first time I have seen a tower skunked by steam instead of a train!]
Crew Heimer posted
Barr Yard Offices 1977
[And Halsted Tower near the middle]
John Eagan posted, 1974, Flickr
[Halsted is in the upper-right corner.]

Erick Kruse posted
CSX eastbound with 7567 CW40-8 leading with a leased GATX SD40, prepares to depart Barr Yard in Riverdale, Illinois. - December 12, 2003
Dennis DeBruler Taken from the Ashland Street Tower? I just read that both towers have been torn down because they haven't been used in about 15 years. Their function was replaced by video cameras that give the yardmaster more views of the yard.
Scott Griffith it got closed once Tom Rogers got injured going down the stairs.

William Kruspe posted two photos with the comment: "Halated tower then when we used to RAILROAD NOW ! SAD"
Raymond Shields Spent a lot of time in that tower when I was the roadforeman at Barr yard


Andrew Urbanski posted two photos with the comment: "The only photos I have so far of the old B&OCT towers in Riverdale."
Halsted (Street View)

I'm assuming this is the other one, Ashland
Evie N Bob Bruns posted
Chessie 4266 working the lead job west end of Barr yard(Riverdale) at Ashland Ave. bridge on 3/21/1988

Francis Otterbein shared a link to a public group with the comment: "A single GP15T is seen from the Ashland Avenue Control Tower pulling a cut of cars west out of Barr Yard. Note the strings of retired first-generation diesels on the north end of the yard. (Jim Mirabelli photo.March 21, 1985)"

A Flickr photo of the west yard tower from the cab of a switcher.

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