Thursday, June 6, 2019

Aban/NKP and CSX/(NYC+BCK) Bridges over Buffalo River in Buffalo, NY

NYC CP-1: (Bridge Hunter, 1913 Strauss design; 3D Satellite, still used)
BCK CP-Draw: (Bridge Hunter, 1915 Strauss design; 3D Satellite, still used)
NKP: (Bridge Hunter, 1913 Scherzer design; 3D Satellite, abandoned in favor of the adjacent bridge)

BCK was the Buffalo Creek Railroad. It was a 5.66 mile switching railroad founded in 1868 and jointly leased and controlled by Erie and Lehigh Valley. It served as the primary switching carrier in Buffalo's grain elevator and mill district. It was known for its "Flour Sack" logo on its fleet of over 1700 company owned 40-foot boxcars. [TrainOrders, TrainWeb]

Nick Ariemma posted
CSX still uses the original NYC lift bridge over the Buffalo River. Now designated as CP-1.
Red Jacket Park, Buffalo, NY
Hugh Guillaume The NYC River Bridge is on what is referred to as the Compromise Tracks which date back to when the NYC&HRRR and LS&MSRY used different gauges. Most CSX main line trains use the former Buffalo Creek tracks from CP437 to what used to be S.S. BC, now CP2. The Buffalo Creek River Bridge is in use. The NKP River Bridge is permanently raised and has been out of service for many years. NYC S.S. RB was/is at M.P. 1.65(Lines West chaining, originally LS&MSRY).
Hugh Guillaume Compromise Branch(tracks between 4'8 1/2" gauge and 4' 9" gauge) begins at Main Line M.P. 437.2(former S.S. 49, originally S.S. 48 before construction of Central Terminal) and runs 2.1 miles via NYC River Bridge to S.S. BC at Main Line M.P 2.127.

Flickr Photo taken by Sunghwan Yoon, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA)
"The bridge is still in heavy use of train traffic." [Bridge Hunter]

Cleveland State University Library Photograph Collection via Bridge Hunter
[BCK is on the right.]

Cleveland State University Library Photograph Collection via Bridge Hunter
[NKP is on the left; BCK is on the right.]

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