Monday, June 3, 2019

BNSF/SantaFe Bridge over Grand River northeast of Bosworth,MO

(Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

I was going nuts trying to find the location of the bridge in this photo.
Jennifer's album
RR bridge on other side of Grand River west of Garden of Eden
[Garden of Eden is the levee that goes along the east side of the Grand River.]
The photo was consistent with this satellite image of the BNSF/SantaFe route including the flood plain bridge except the satellite shows three truss spans and Jennifer's photos shows just one truss span. After searching up and down the Grand River for a single span truss bridge, it occurred to me that maybe BNSF upgraded the bridge since the satellite image was taken. Bridge Hunter confirms that is the case.

The old truss was pin connected and used eyebars for the tension members.
John Marvig via Bridge Hunter
There was a crane on both sides of the bridge and at least a couple more back on the shore.
John Marvig via Bridge Hunter
The "Garden of Eden" is the levee built on the east side of the Grand River from the Yellow Creek Conservation Area south and east to Salt Creek. Jennifer's album includes photos of this levee being breached and/or over-topped in more than one location. These notes collect all of her photos of this bridge. Other railroad related photos are in some Flood of 2019 notes.

In addition to the rebuilt bridge over the main channel, there are four bridges in the embankment to pass water on the flood plain. I count three to the east (1, 2, and 3) and one to the west.

Jennifer's album
RR bridge...looks like it is floating
Wyatt Pyle I was part of the crew that built this bridge its crazy to see the water that high

Jennifer's album
Train going across bridge — with Jerry Gooch.

Jennifer's album
Train going across bridge
Rhonda Simpleman posted the above two photos.
James Churchill The frequencies of the extremes are rapidly increasing, not just for railroads. But the seeming invincibility of their wonderfully engineered rights-of-way is eroding and may well be that canary in the mine that is the cliché we might pay some attention to.
Rhonda Simpleman BNSF is fighting several spots throughout the flood area, in MO, to keep the tracks open.
William Miller Triggering flashbacks to summer 1993!
In the ATSF SOC we arranged emergency detours as far north as Canada and as far south as New Orleans.
A lot of heroic efforts in the field and behind the scenes to keep freight moving and to restore routes wiped out by flooding that summer.
Jim Goff And just east of this bridge are 2 overflow bridges rebuilt in July/August 1993 when the Grand River's levee breached wiping out ATSF's transcon route. I was part of the rebuild effort then.

middle section Garden of Eden [levee] breach. You can see the RR tracks over the Grand River from earlier pictures

Jennifer's album

Jennifer's album

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