Thursday, June 27, 2019

UP/C&NW Turntable and Railyard in Waukegan, IL

Turntable: (Satellite) Another satellite image is below

You can tell it is now used just to turn locomotives because they have put a fence around the pit.
Charles Heraver posted
Waukegan IL DEC 1996. Spin the Train Stop motor. A deuce, still in CNW paint, has just been turned on the turntable and will lead the next Waukegan hopper train out of town. The Waukegan hotel looks on in the background. The table is still there today, although UP rarely uses it anymore.
Charles Heraver The table is air powered, using the locomotives air compressor.
This railyard is long and skinny. A classification yard is north of Mathon Drive. This is the part that is south of Mathon Drive with Sheridan Road on the west side, EJ&E on the east side, and C&NW in the middle.
The same area back in 1939. Note that Pershing Road did not exist back then because it has been built over the foot print of the roundhouse.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
A 1960 topo map shows that the roundhouse has been torn down, but IL-137 and Pershing have not yet been built. The next date available for topo maps is 1908. It is interesting that the roundhouse is shown on a different arc. Did it get rebuilt to hold larger engines?
USGS, 1908 Waukegan, 1:62,500

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