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Municipal (Midway) Airport 1929

Nelson Herrera posted
Municipal airport 1929 a.k.a Midway
This was using just the lower-right quadrant of its current size. Cicero is along the right and 63rd is along the bottom. C&WI(B&OCT) had tracks through the land that had to be moved before the full length of all of the runways could be used.

Michael Lowing commented
Jeff Davies posted
Midway Airport.
Photo courtesy of Ron Tamullis.
Richard Pitchford posted
Chicago Midway Airport - Late 50's. Looking north on Cicero Avenue, United Airlines Headquarters bottom right across the street from the original hangars from the late 20's and early 30's. Just a little north, at the intersection, is a Bulko Gas Station. Gas was 25 cents a gallon and they gave you dishes and pumped it for you. 27R was still an active runway.
Was this Air Mail terminal at Midway in 1923?

Jeff Davies
Chicago Municipal Airport. Year Unknown. Pinterest.
Dave Lutzow DC3's were first built in the 30's. They opened up the sky for commercial air travel. This picture could be from then.
Dave Lutzow Look at the cars under the wing. Definitely the 30's
Katie Levin  Chicago Municipal was renamed Midway back in 1949 I think, the same year that Orchard Field was renamed O'Hare.
Dan Quinlan posted
30's photo of r/r tracks going strait thru midway airport! North is to the right.
Dan Quinlan IHB still delivers on BRC line to Central steel! Comes on at Narragansett lnterlocker & heads to the BRC Elsdon single track towards the south end of Corwith yard at 51& Lawndale! Central steel is on 51 & Kedzie ave!

Dan Quinlan posted again
Chicagos Midway airport back the 1930's before the removed and rerouted the Belt railway tracks! Used to go thru the center & wye east of Cicero ave. (bottom of photo)
63rd st. 55th st
Now I need to research "Central Steel."]

David Daruszka commented on Dan's second posting
Grand opening of the bypass.
Dan Quinlan Archer ave & Kenton crossing!!

Bob Lalich commented on the above posting
The tracks going through the middle of the photo were BRC. This diagram illustrates the relocation project.
Richard Pitchford posted
An aerial view of Chicago’s Midway International Airport, c. 1950. Image donated by the Federal Aviation Administration.
Bridget Pappas I believe in the 50's it was the worlds busiest airport.
[Note that everything was west of Cicero Avenue back then. In the 1970s, we tried to pick flights from Midway instead of O'Hare because it was not busy and you could park in that lot rather close to a door. In the 70s, you had to meet people at the gate because mobile phones had yet to be invented. (Mobile phones put a big box of electronics in the trunk of your car. Cell phones were even later.)]
John van Loon posted
An old Chicago Aerial Survey shot from the '30s showing a rail line in the middle of then Chgo's Municipal Airport. (C&WI RR) I was told by an older timer that an aircraft did once-upon- a-time indeed clip the embankment with it's landing gear.
Video of the history of the airport.

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