Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ford's Chicago Torrence Avenue Assembly Plant

(Satellite images are below)

Glen Miller posted
Glen's comment:
Chicago Torrence Avenue Assembly is Ford Motor Company's oldest continually-operated automobile manufacturing plant. It is located at E. 130th Street and Torrence Avenue in the Hegewisch community area of Chicago. The Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS, and Ford Explorer, all of which share the same platform are assembled in this plant. Here is the plant in 1924 where Model T's were being built shortly after it opened. [Actually, it opened ten years earlier, 1914.]
Lynn Gamperl Antonaglia I work here! We build 600-650 cars per shift every day.

Every once and a while I'll read an article about Ford investing more money in the plant to keep it viable. I believe one of the changes was "flex manufacturing" that allowed them to more easily change the ratio of Taurus, Lincolns, and Explorers that are made based on market demand.

One of the reasons for creating grade separations for 130th Street and Torrence Avenue, was to increase the efficiency of moving cars off the assembly line to the shipping facility further south on Torrence Avenue.

I found remnants of industrial spurs along the assembly plant indicating that they used to receive auto parts via rail. But it looks like they now use rail, NS/NKP, just for shipping the final product.

Bird's Eye View
Tony Margis posted

Ford is going to quit making cars (sedans). This plant will be converted to make SUVs.

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