Friday, February 19, 2016

CN/IC RR Bridge over Ohio River at Cairo, IL

Chris Hudson posted
IC Cairo Bridge - Illinois Side 2016
(Bridge Hunter (old)Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Satellite)

Chris Hudson posted
Billy Pomeroy commented on the above posting
Timothy Miller posted four pictures with the comment:
Growing up on the ICRR in Millington, you were aware of the important points north.Fulton.Cairo.Chicago.Photos were taken in the early 70's going over the Cairo Bridge.
Since there are no tracks at the base of the approach, I assume the train was heading north.




Cliff Downey posted
On August 21, 1951, the 3rd span to be replaced on IC's bridge across the Ohio River at Cairo, IL, is dropped into the river. The replacement span had been moved into place a few weeks earlier. After the span was stripped of rails, timbers, wires, etc., it was dropped into the river and cut up for scrap. IC photo, Cliff Downey collection.
Cliff has an album of 12 photos of the 1950-52 reconstruction and a nice description of the work.

Doug Rogers commented
1st time I crossed it
Photo 14 from Classic Trains, Henry J. McCordNew Orleans–St. Louis Rebel motor train at North Cairo, Ill., July 1946.
Comments on a posting disagreed with "North Cairo." It was Cairo.
Russell Mertz Illinois is about 1 mile south of North Cario just at the north end of Ohio River bridge.
Paul Turner It sits (or did sit) right above the Cairo Water Treatment plant, now Illinois American. Looking down on Bunge and the former Burkhart plant.

Terry Bryant posted three photos with the comment: "It was a nice day yesterday [Feb. 5, 2017] so I decided to ride up north toward Wickliffe, KY and took the opportunity to see the IC bridge over the Ohio. I wanted to see this since I was a kid!"

David Honan
A broadside view of CNIC's long bridge over the Ohio River at Cairo, IL. The river was very swollen at the time this photo was taken, decreasing the apparent size of the bridge. (March 23, 2002)

David Honan
A composite view of the bridge put together from two photos. (March 23, 2002)

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