Friday, February 19, 2016

CB&Q Roundhouses in Aurora, IL

John Smith posted
John's comment:
A 1939 view of the CB&Q shops in downtown Aurora showing the OLD full circle Rh the largest full circle limestone RH in the world and the NEW RH that is where the current parking lot is.
This complex also had some back shops. I took pictures of and in the old buildings in the 1970s. One room of the back shops had a dirt floor because that is where the heavy duty machines such as forging hammers were housed. Those machines would probably bust up concrete floors. Someday I need to look for those pictures again. There were other people taking pictures of a model in the old buildings, but they left fairly soon.

Ernie Julian posted
Aurora's roundhouse in a 1955 aerial photo, showing the original roundhouse building and railroad shops.
Rob Sterne Formally owned by Walter Payton. It is now Two Brothers Brewing Company.
David Daruszka resized an image posted by Dominic Battista with the comment: EOLA Round House Aurora IL Circa 1905. Today a great place for a Steak and a Beer. Two Brothers Brewery.
Karl M Andrews To be correct, that was the Aurora roundhouse. Eola Yard had a small RH.
Kevin Mengoni also posted
Steven J. Brown posted
Dad's photo of the CB&Q roundhouse and coach yard in Aurora, Illinois. Taken from the window of a passing steam fan trip (4960?). Slide mount dated October 1965. Photo by Martin Brown.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Kevin Mengoni posted
Unkown Date, Round House CBQ Aurora IL. Now Current MetraStation and Two Brothers Restaurant.

Frank Smitty Schmidt added 11 photos to CB&Q Aurora Shops and Roundhouse. But I think they are all from an HAER album. Those HAER photos and a .pdf file are from an HAER item.

Raymond Storey posted an aerial photo of part of the roundhouse and backshop area.

A Flickr photo claims Galina, but it is really in Aurora. The background of the photo provides a glimpse of the backshops.

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