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Oshkosh Railroad Bridges

Between Fond du Lac, WI and Neenah; that is, along the west shore of Lake Winnebago, SOO/Wisconsin Central and C&NW had routes that paralleled each other. Canadian National probably got control of the WC route when SOO dumped its former WC routes after it bought a lot of the bankrupt Milwaukee Road routes. It must have bought the C&NW route from either C&NW or UP. In Oshkosh, CN sold the WC route north of the river to Wisconsin Central Ltd. (WCL) and the route south of the river to Wisconsin & Southern Railway (WSOR). As of 2005, WCL was abandoned and WSOR now terminates west of I-41. So the SOO/WC bridge became unused. And as Diane indicates, it was removed in 1999.

Tim Shanahan shared Diane Perron Nelson's photo
Diane's comment:
1999 . Oshkosh , Wisc. SOO Line railroad swing bridge was put out of service & removed .
It looks like the steel girder spans to the swing span have now been repurposed as a heavy duty fishing pier.

The C&NW bridge was closer to the mouth of the river and was also a swing bridge until at least 2010. The new bridge appears in the 2013 Historical Aerials photo. Google Maps uses a picture of this old bridge as the "signature picture" for the town, which I copied below.
Google Photo, Jessie, cropped, Aug 2008
Bird's Eye View
With Bing, if you zoom in with the Bird's Eye mode, you see the old bridge.
Zoomed Out
As you zoom out, it switches to an aerial view and you see the newer bridge.

Diane's comment concerning the photo below: "2013 . Oshkosh , Wisc. 1st train over the new train bridge . Sooo many in Oshkosh miss our 1899 rail bridge ."
Diane Perron Nelson posted
A Google Photo makes it easy to confirm that it is a Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge. I wonder how far down they had to go when building the foundation to hit bedrock because this design requires a very stable foundation.

Google Photo

Tim Shanahan shared Diane Perron Nelson's photo
1966 . Oshkosh , Wisc. Main St. Rail Bridge . Now gone .
[The rail would have been an electric interurban route.]
Tim Shanahan shared Diane Perron Nelson's photo
1984 . Oshkosh , Wisc. SOO Line traveling Northbound over the Fox River . Bridge now gone .
3D Satellite
Keith Pokorny posted
CN 2839 leads a Southbound manifest over the new lift bridge over the Fox River in Oshkosh, WI. 10/10/2016
Michael J Klapperich posted 18 photos with the comment: "Oshkosh bridge 2013, when she was put in service."
Michael J Klapperich This bridge was brand spanking new in 2013 when I took the pictures. The old swing bridge that was taken out, is in one of the pics, they floated it out of the way and it got cut up. It had 1899 date plates on it.




















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