Saturday, February 20, 2016

Waukegan Power Plant Chimney Collapsed

(see satellite image below)

Don Kohloff posted
My first and last site, Waukegan Station (now closed) with stops in between at Zion Nuclear Station, Siemens Power GT, and Kenny Construction-Transmission Line construction.

Nathan Mackey posted
Nathan's comments:
Waukegan Power Plant will not be taking coal trains for a very long time. Unit #5 Chimney collapsed and went through the roof.
Shut down, everyone's on a paid leave until it's cleaned up. UP even sent the road power away while the coal waits to be unloaded.
Bob Lalich And the stack for Unit 5 is the second from the left in this photo Nate? Everything above the scrubber collapsed?

Nathan Mackey Yeah everything came down above the scrubby thing.

First of all, I'm surprised that a Chicago area generating plant had a scrubber installed. Maybe that is why it was still burning coal. Most generating units have either been shutdown or switched to natural gas. Nathan's photo must have been taken before the collapse because the chimneys look similar to the satellite view.
I see the plant is serviced by Metra+UP/ CNW as well as EJ&E. This is good because Waukegan has been trying to kick EJ&E out of town so that they can convert US Steel's old plant site, which was demolished in 1982, into lakefront homes. (ChicagoTribune)

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