Saturday, June 10, 2017

Brandon Lock Repairs with a Manitowoc 777 Crane

201707607 8884
While taking pictures at the second I&M Canal Lock #5, I noticed a crane over at Brandon Lock.
So I zoomed in. You can kinda see the pilot house of the tug boat for Crane Barge 10 on the left, the two pillars that are used to anchor the barge and most of the Manitowoc 777 that was setting on the barge.
So I crossed the parking lot to go to the visitor center to check out what was happening. I noted the temporary offices because that indicates they must be doing some non-trivial rebuilding, not just an emergency fix of some sort.

I knew there was a big red sign on the fence that said no cameras were allowed in the area by the lock, so I left the camera in the van. Thus I was not able to take pictures or video of the crane lifting a steel cylinder that was about twice as tall and twice as wide as the man standing next to it. The crane swung around and set it down on the barge. It then picked up another cylinder that I had noticed was laying on the barge. The crane lifted the new one up and swung it into position. I figured it would take a while to lower the new part in place, so I left. On my way back to the van, it occurred to me that I could play games with the rules and take pictures from outside the fence through the gate. So I grabbed the camera and trotted back up to the top of the sidewalk. To my surprise, they already had the part down in place by the time I got back.

It looks like they were still unfastening the orange rigging.

Zoomed in on the shot above.
I would have preferred to get a shot that had less light pole and more tug, but to get the above shot I stood with my feet outside the fence and then leaned over to get the camera inside the fence. On the right is the shot I first took when I stood in a normal position at the gate.

And leaning over a handrail to get a shot from the other side of the tree was pretty well destroyed by the fence.

You can see the end of the cylinder they removed from the lock on the left side of this photo excerpt. Part of the top of the cylinder appears above the crawler track.
20170608 9075
I went back the next day to see what they were doing. By the time I arrived, 3:18, the crane barge was parked off to the side of the lock.

I took the crane photo while rushing back to Brandon Road to get a picture of the recreational boat I saw entering the lock while I was driving to the parking lot. It turns out that there was already a tow in the lock. By the time there was a break in the traffic so that I could step out on the bridge to take a picture, the gate had started to close.

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