Monday, June 26, 2017

Mississippi Lock #19

This is the lock for Dam #19.
20140613 0046, you can see the powerhouse in the middle in the dam in the background
This view was taken from the old roadway of the swing bridge that is now an observation deck.
The original lock was 110x358 (one source said 400 for the length), the same width as the Panama Canal Locks. The current lock is 110x1200 and can handle a standard upper-Mississipi tow of fifteen barges.

Google Map's satellite image has a glitch, but it is good enough to tell a tow is leaving the lock. Bing caught the lock when it was empty and the swing bridge was closed.

A view taken upstream from the lock's visitor center. Note that the gate is not a miter gate. It is opened by being lowered into a slot in the canal bed.

A view looking downstream from the visitor center that also catches a train on the bridge.
Inside Lock #19 - Keokuk
Mississippi locks at Keokuk

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