Thursday, June 29, 2017

Light Rail/Conrail/Pennsy/Panhandle over Monongahela in Pittsburgh

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Another "two within a couple of hours of each other" postings.

AltoonaWorks added
A PRR passenger train crosses the Monongahela River at Pittsburgh on the Panhandle Bridge. This bridge is used by the Pittsburgh Light Rail today.
Ian Bowling commented on the above posting
Here’s an older picture of the Panhandle Bridge
Mark Hinsdale posted
"Distinctly Pittsburgh"
If Baltimore & Ohio's "Trailer Jets" between Chicago and Philadelphia were both on time in the late 70's and early 80's, they tended to meet each other in the Pittsburgh vicinity in early afternoon. Such is the case here, as the eastbound CPTT (Chicago-Philadelphia Trailer Train) roars east on the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie main line in Pittsburgh's West End. If you look closely, you can just make out the crewman on the rear platform of the caboose on westbound CHTT, the Chicago Trailer Train on the other main track. Conrail's impressive ex Pennsylvania Railroad Ohio River Connecting Bridge looms large in the background, with the broad Ohio River to the right. August, 1980 photo by Mark Hinsdale
[I think it is the Monongahela River on the right.]
Henry St George Tucker posted two photos with the comment: "Former PRR Panhandle Bridge, now used by Port Authority Transit of Allegheny County Light Rail system."


2, cropped
Jimmy Braum posted the comment: "Testimony to the quality of PRR construction. The Panhandle bridge in Pittsburgh took a direct hit by a runaway barge this morning, and is still standing without any preliminary damage visible."
Tim O'Malley Is this portion of the Panhandle now used by Norfolk Southern, or some other railroad?
Jimmy Braum Tim O'Malley PAT port Authority transit light rail.
Alexander Mitchell Last report is Panhandle is still closed as a precaution, however.
Lance Myers Seems to be a recurring problem.

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