Sunday, June 4, 2017

NS/NW/Wabash Bridges over Mississippi River at Hannibal, MO

(Bridge Hunter, Bridge Hunter Tunnel, no Historic Bridges, Satellite)
Terry Schwartzwalder posted
Wabash Mississippi River bridge at Hannibal, MO.
[Note the bins for the Bunge elevator under the lift span.]
On the west side, it crosses the BNSF/CB&Q tracks then goes through a river bluff tunnel to curve south. Evidently this lift bridge was moved from Florence, AL in 1993 to replace the original 1871 swing span. It doesn't look like it has a very high lift. Since tugs used since 1993 don't have the high smokestacks of the old steamships, maybe the Mississippi River no longer needs a high clearance. Although some historic steamboats are still run as cruise ships. So maybe this is higher than it looks. It is a 406' span. Maybe the length of the span makes the towers look shorter. Once stat I miss from Bridge Hunter is vertical clearance.

From Bridge Hunter
The lift span in Florence, AL, from Bridge Hunter
Lisa Ruble posted
The Flying Eagle hits the train bridge.
[You can see the boat up against the span to the right of the swing span. I wonder if the water appears rather high.]

James Holzmeier shared Lisa's post
Hannibal, MO Wabash bridge looking north. The line in the foreground is the CB&Q K-Line running from St. Louis up to Keokuk.
Robert Andrews The swing span was replaced by a lift bridge in the 90's. Hannibal is also the home of the Wabash's only tunnel. A city park is on the bluff above the tunnel approach, diamond with the BNSF K-Line and the bridge approach. However, my last visit vegetation had taken over and all are hard to view from the "scenic lookout".

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