Friday, December 1, 2017

The 767' M/V Kaye E. Barker allided with the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge in Green Bay, WI

(Bridge Hunter, 3D Satellite)

This bridge is commonly referred to as the Main Street Bridge or sometimes as Dousman Street Bridge. But its official name is the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge.

I was able to get the first video to play. I suggest you mute it unless you like listening to a lot of OMGs. The Kaye E. Barker is alliding with the east shore of the Fox river in July 2017.
GreenBayPressGazetteFirst Video [paycount, I gave up trying to watch the other two videos. It would play a commercial and then skip the video itself and play something else.]
"An official of the company that owns the ship said the captain encountered "unexpected and strong currents" that pushed the vessel toward the river's eastern bank. There, he said, the ship scraped a protective barrier around one of the bridge piers."

See "Dousman+Main Street Bridges" as to why this bridge is built on an angle across the river.

When I first looked at a satellite image of the bridge (above) my reaction was how does a long freighter get through that bridge without hitting The CityDeck? The answer is that sometimes they don't. In July 2017, the Kaye E. Barker "struck the CityDeck, then a dock, before hitting the drawbridge....The Coast Guard tells us a maintenance walkway was the only part of the bridge to be damaged." Everybody in the dock area cleared out before the freighter left some red paint on the dock railing. But then its bow thrusters pushed the dock up 3-4 feet. "The CityDeck docks are closed indefinitely. Over the next few days, investigators will pull the docks out and tow them to Leicht Park for inspection out of the water." The bridge was closed for three hours while it was inpsected.  [wbay] Since the boat hit the bridge, the dolphins did not do their job.

Interlake Steamship Company posted two photos with the comment:
Spectacular shots of our M/V Kaye E. Barker making her way through the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge in Green Bay last night!
📸: Chuck Zentmeyer
[I think the first photo is the better one, but I included the second photo because it better shows the awkward angle that the freighters have to use to get through this bridge.]
Gerald Jensen: A few years ago, the Kaye E. Barker encountered some strong current in the Fox River while backing out toward the bay and struck the Ray Nitschke Bridge. Nobody was hurt ad the ship was not damaged, but a powerboat was destroyed and there was some minor damage to the bridge.

The span is 170' [BridgeHunter] and the width of the boat is 70'. [interlake-steamship] So the span is long enough that freighters can go through the bridge on an angle and remain parallel to the dock.

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