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SS Alpena/Leon Fraser Laker

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See Old Lakers for some other "bridge on the bow" boats that I have seen.

A view of the stern of the sister ship Fairless shows it "pushing water."

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District posted
Happy 75th Birthday [in 2017] to the Grand Old Lady of the Lakes. The oldest freighter still operating on the Great Lakes launched on this day [June 21] in 1942 as the Leon Fraser and was the longest boat on the Great Lakes at the time. She was shortened in 1991 for a new career as a cement carrier but is still one of the most popular and beautiful boats on the lakes. Three long and two shorts to the Alpena!
[BoatNerd [Updated link]]

Michael Konczak posted
Leon Fraser at Fraser Shipyards waiting to be converted to the Alpena, November 1989. Photo by Michael Konczak
[The elevators in the background are the  Cenex-Harvest States Grain Cooperatives.]

(new window) This video has an informative narration, so it has earned a position near the beginning of the notes.

Leon Fraser was retired from iron-ore service in 1982. Her four sister ships of the 1942 "supers" class were scrapped in the 1980s. But this ship was shortened, converted to a self-unloader and renamed Alpena for starting cement service in 1991. [DuluthNewsTribune]

She hauls cement to the Twin Ports about once a month. [DuluthShippingNews (lots of photos)]

More about the recent fire mentioned in the above  video  This article implies that it is still a steamship. That would explain why it has "one of the loudest whistles on the lakes."

[The aft winch suffered an electrical fault (short) and there was no circuit breaker per 1941 codes. By today's code, a circuit breaker would probably have prevented this fire. "(According to the Coast Guard, planned postaccident modifications to the Alpena would feature additional circuit protection in accordance with current regulations.) "]

Steve Vanden Bosch posted four photos with the comment: "Mail Delivery Early 1900's on the Detroit River to the Alpena."
[But this was not the converted Leon Fraser. This one was built in 1909 by Detroit Shipbuilding.]




Michigan Film Photographer Karl Wertanen posted
The classic "Alpena" (1942) downbound on the St Clair River headed for Detroit Lafarge 10/11/19.
Oldest freighter on the lakes.
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Bob Biaggio posted two photos with the comment: "The Alpena departing Green Bay September 16, 2019." (source)

David Kaye posted three photos with the comment: "Happy River and Alpena meeting in the Soo Harbor.  10-24-19"



Jim Hoffman posted
The Leon Fraser downbound at the Soo. She sails today as the cement carrier Alpena. Photo taken by Jim Hoffman.
Liam Hoffmann commented on Jim's posting
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Alpena downbound Leaving the MacArthur Lock. 10-24-19
[The end is worth watching because it is riding high and you can see the top of the rudder and some propwash.]

David Kaye posted two side views of the Alpena.

Drone photo of Alpena arriving in Alpena for the Lafarge Cement Plant. It is a cement plant. It looks like they have three older rotary kilns and two newer ones.

1995 Flickr of Alpena west of the Skyway

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