Friday, May 5, 2017

US-53+I-535 Bridge over St. Louis River at Duluth+Superior

(Bridge Hunter3D Satellite, Birds-Eye View)

The name of the bridge is Blatnik Bridge.

Bridge Hunter, photo provided by Hank Zaletel
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND)
[Note the old railroad swing span in the background.]
I learned of this bridge from a video of a boat, Federal Yukon, that went under it on its way "to CHS to load wheat." Since the video was taken from the north side, some of the scenes show the grain elevators on the south side of the river. Given that the boat has three cranes rather than an unloading conveyor, I would not have guessed it would haul wheat. I was able to find CHS on the map:

Federal Kumano
Just a few hours after I wrote the above text, I came across an article about the Federal Yukon. It and a sister ship, Federal Kumano, are taking loads of Durum wheat that was grown in North Dakota to Algeria where it will be milled and used to make couscous. The boat is a "salty." That is, it can go through the Welland Canal.

Christopher Rengo posted
The John G. Munson departed Duluth for the first time this Season with a load of taconite from CN Dock 6. Was a beautiful morning for a little Classic Laker action!
[Eastish Elevation]
The video at top of the Federal Yukan arriving for a load of Duram wheat from CHS to take to Algeria was May 4. On May 9, its sister ship, Federal Kumano, was back already for another load of wheat.

Gus Schauer posted
American Integrity departs Duluth with coal for Marquette while Federal Yukon waits to load at CHS. May 11, 2017.
[Federal Yukon is probably waiting because Federal Kumano is being loaded by CHS.]
Jason Kahler posted
American Integrity backing into Midwest Energy in Superior today.

Federal Kumano leaves Duluth on the evening of 5/11/2017, and Federal Yukon leaves Duluth about 24 hours later.

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