Monday, June 19, 2017

Hoan Bridge: I-794 over Kinnickinnic River in Milwaukee, WI

(Bridge Hunter, Satellite (83 photos))

Street View (Bing's Street View shows the same construction netting)
When I saw the steel arch, I assumed that this was a replacement bridge. But Bridge Hunter indicates it was built in 1974. This strikes me as a very innovative design for the 1970s.

This is one of five photos posted by Steve Rod concerning the boat Fearless arriving to get grain

John Mueller commented on a post:
Milwaukee did have a bridge to nowhere fir a while. The Hoan Bridge sat unused for various beauracratic reasons, and the Blues Brothers even shot a scene where the Illinois Nazis go off the end of said bridge.

Julie Waller Fletcher posted
Dennis DeBruler: That is the best photo of the Hoan Bridge that I have seen so far.

But then I saw this photo:
Kathy Kay posted
Welcome to Milwaukee, Mark W Barker 5.21.23

Kevin Stern posted, cropped
ALPENA steaming out into Lake Michigan Thu Eve from Milwaukee & heading to Muskegon 7/21/22.

1 of 7 photos posted by Aaron Erickson
Couple nice shots of Alpena arriving in Milwaukee 09/05/2022. She's been very busy this year!
Tim Mousseau: Anyone know how many boats the cement plant is running now? Use to be Huron Portland Cement but don’t know the current name.
Brian Shorkey: Tim Mousseau 1 boat the Alpena. 2 tug and barges.
John Thompson: Tim Mousseau it’s LaFarge now. Don’t know how many they’re running. Moving to tug, barge systems. Less expensive to run, much smaller crew required.
[Both LaFarge and St. Marys Cement have facilities on Jones Island.]

Alec Jacobson posted
Viking Octantis backing into Port Milwaukee on May 4, 2023.
Roger LeLievre shared
Timothy Johnson: I just wish the dock where they come in wasn't so run down and industrial.

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