Monday, March 6, 2017

BNSF/CB&Q Chicago Commuter Train Yard

(Update: the other terminal yard for this commuter service is in Aurora.)

Steven J. Brown posted two photos with the comment:
I get a now and then, twenty-nine years apart, AND a twenty-nine years ago today out of this post!
The Zephyr Pit in Chicago last week, February 24, 2017 and twenty-nine years ago today March 4, 1988! (Yes, I will ALWAYS call it the Zephyr Pit.)
1: BNSF line Metra trains in the Zephyr Pit, Chicago - February 24, 2017.

2: The fleet is in! Burlington Northern E's in the Zephyr Pit, Chicago - March 4, 1988.
Matt McClure 29 years ago the giant, rounded REA building existed just north of the commuter yard too. And the tower at Taylor Street. Miss them as well.
Jim Shaw What purpose did those two multi story BN buildings serve?
Bryan Howell Crooks Terminal Warehouses. The Q used some of the space for records storage. Some of which were saved but now languish in a leaky baggage car.
William A. Shaffer posted
The Metra Fleet at High Noon
(Photo by William A. Shaffer)
Timothy Leppert posted two photos with the comment:
These photos are when BN1 - 2 - 3 were earning a living on the BN. This was a CEO Grinstein - 1985 to 1995 - business train leaving Chicago Westbound. The second photo shows part of the train from the BN Yardmasters office. It had about 10 cars with the new paint scheme. There are some great stories about rebuilding our BN Business Car Fleet. Train departed on time..........naturally.
 Augusta Wind With BN3 in the train, this may have been the Winter Park Colorado trip.
Don Sands II At least one of the F Units is at The Illinois Railway Museum. One picture showed it was originally a Boston&Maine.


Tom Bedwell posted two photos with the comment: " Here are a couple I took in the 1950’s. In Chicago."


Dennis DeBruler commented on Tom's posting
I assume the big smokestack on the small building is a heating plant that generated steam for the parked coaches back when they were steam heated. Now the commuter yards (both Aurora (Hill) and Chicago) have a couple of bridges over all of the tracks with an "extension cord" for each track to provide electricity when they are parked.
Tom Bedwell posted
[Tom caught another view of the commuter yard while catching a train leaving CUS.]

20170421 8728
Parked at in the service area is a jet to help clear the many switches in this yard.

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