Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mississippi Dam and Lock #15, Rock Island, IL

(John A. Weeks IIISatellite)
This dam and lock is one of those topics were there is so much information that I have not taken the time to write about it. But I want to get this video published.

Obviously, this was an emergency repair. Note how high the downstream part of the river is. You can see the prop wash behind the towboat holding the barge in place against the current. The must have the upstream gates open, which is a big surprise. Also, the road was closed during repairs because the bridge span had to be open to make room for the barge.

So, for now, I'll summarize from memory. It was one of the first dams built by the Army Corps of Engineers for the 9-foot channel project for the Mississippi River. At the time, rolling gates were the known technology for big gates, so that is what this dam uses. Since then, the corps has developed the Tainter gate for use in big river dams. Some of the Mississippi dams are hybirds where about four of the gates are still rolling gates. Newer dams use just Tainter gates.

Note the Government Bridge goes over the lock structures. It carries a road on the lower deck and IAIS/Rock Island on the upper deck.

There is a webcam for these locks. In fact, that looks like the source of the time lapse video. There were other webcams of other views. Some views designed for bird (eagle) watchers. But I can't find them right now.

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