Friday, March 10, 2017

KBS/NYC/Big4 Bridge over Kankakee River in Aroma Park, IL

(no Bridge Hunter, 3D Satellite)
Mark Hinsdale posted
Picking up interchange cars from Canadian National at Kankakee.
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They seem to be using a tank car instead of a covered hopper car as the buffer car between the engines and the PROCOR tankers. Or maybe it is a mixed freight that has a bunch of tankers at the beginning. The PROCOR cars have a black and white Placard. It is not flamable, because the card would be reddish. It is not explosive because that is orange. Black and white cards are things like inhalation hazard, poison, toxic, corrosive, or marine pollutant. (BTW, Inhalation Hazard will require PTC routes in the future.)

This Kankakee, Beaverville, & Southern/NYC/Big Four bridge seems to have escaped the attention of the Bridge Hunters as well as mine.

Sam Carlson posted
On November 10, 1994, three KB&S RS11s cross the Kankakee River in Aroma Park, IL.
Bill Molony shared
Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive
Rich Westerman This bridge is now owned by KBS.

Kenny posted six photos of the bridge.

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