Friday, March 3, 2017

CSX/B&O Near Buffington Harbor in Gary, IN

So far I've been using pictures of junction towers and yards to force myself to learn the Chicagoland railroads because they can usually be found on (historic) maps. But I'm now spending some time locating "trains on track" pictures to learn more about railroad routes through the Chicago area.

Nathan Mackey posted
Heading for the Brookdale Branch at Buffington.
Paul Arden Looks like its taken from the Ft. Wayne signal...also the train is headed to the Lake SD, probably with interchange cars to the CSL...
I knew that telephoto lens compress distances. This picture taught me that a side effect of compression is that it makes curves look sharper. This would be looking eastish from the west side of these power lines because we can see the lines against the sky. The CN/EJ&E overpass is in the background. The NS/NYC/Lake Shore & Michigan Southern tracks are on the left. Note the B&O style color positional signal the engine has just passed.

Since the Brookdale Spur has been abandoned and the B&O Bridge that crossed the Calumet River to access that spur was wrecked in 1988, this track is now just an industrial spur. It will soon join the NS tracks as shown by Nathan's photo below that is looking West. CSX's mainline traffic on the former B&O route turns West on the double track B&OCT just this side of that CN/EJ&E overpss.

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