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Mesta Machine Company

Mesta used to make the machines used in steel mills and forging companies. To make their big forging presses and rolling mill stacks, Mesta itself had to have big machine tools. I have noticed the Mesta brand on some of the pictures I have already published.

Dave Cavanaugh posted three pictures with the comment: "Mesta Machine."



Dave Cavanaugh Interesting link about Mesta machine's history.
Dave Cavanaugh I think it's that the steel industry was too slow to keep up with modernization and the rest of the world took over the market. In the 1980s the US lost a lot of steel making capacity to continuous caster type mills.
Rex Whinery My employer used to make a lot of hydraulic and air cylinders for Mesta machine back in the day.

Update: Dave Cavanaugh posted five more pictures.
Bruce Weinzetl I used to work for Tippins machinery in Etna Pa . They tore out rolling mills and rebuilt them. I had the fortune to drive a truck and bring all the smaller machines back to the shop. I was lucky enough to see a lot of interesting equipment in my time. Love looking at all the machines and equipment. We brought some gears back from Fairmount W. Va that had to be put on rail cars sideways and tilted with empty cars on either side to clear turning. Had a 100 ton gantry crane to unload with 5 " braided cables. It was great !!!!!!

1  Double helical gear planer

2  vertical boring mill

3  Turning Flywheel in Pitt Lathe
ca. 1905-1925

4  Bryan Koskela Tool post grinding at its finest

5  Mesta Gear Cutting Department
ca. 1905-1925
John Abbott posted

Willie Brantingham I've work on quite a few mill housings like this at E.W.Bliss/Bliss Salem. Lots of gravy cutting, work was done on a 14ft Ingersoll 3 head planer mill!Loyd Boydigan Mesta Machine.
The Vintage News posted
“ Double Helical Cut Tooth Mill Pinions. Mesta Machine Co. Circa 1920-25 ”
John Abbott posted
Mesta Machine ...Old Pittsburgh
John Abbott posted
Mesta 50K
[Please access the "posted" link for long comments by Steve OConner.]
John Abbott posted
Matt Dostou I have issues believing that's an 18 inch machine.... 18 foot maybe...Michael D. Callahan 18" spindle!!Matt Dostou Oh... Thru? Never heard a spindle call out on a mill before...(mill guy 25 yr)Michael D. Callahan Matt Dostou, HBMs are usually called by spindle diameter. A 6" HBM is considered BIG.
Bob Gaston commented on the above posting

John Abbott posted
Mesta Machine, Pittsburgh
Mick Martin Homestead! Not pittsburgh!Flyin Lazyboy Correct. They did it all, womb to tomb.
John Abbott posted
Mesta Machine
Chris Austin What a shop that must have been. A time machine would be nice.

John Abbott posted
Imagine not only the machine that made these, but the machines that use them.

John Abbott posted
John Abbott posted
3 Speed
[I don't think it is three speed because the offset between the teeth does not vary.]
Some comments on this posting discussed this gear:
Tim Mckenrick The gear in the picture is called a anti back lash gear, puts equal pressure on both sides of mating gear teeth.
Dan Adamchick You are incorrect. The 3 rows of teeth are offset for strength. It is to spread the mesh of each row of 3 teeth so that each individual tooth is timed 1/3 from another in regard to the degree of engagement mesh starting points. This way, one tooth of the 3 is always fully seated in mesh between the driver and the driven gear. And in theory, two gears set to mesh at intersecting pitch circles should not experience cogging harmonics, the offset rows also help prevent this.
Tim Mckenrick This is how the gear shop I worked at made anti back lash gears, on this picture you can see the adjusters around the perimeter, just under the out side row of teeth. The gears I worked on the Jack screws are at the hub area. When these gears reverse there is very little lag or back lash, thay also tend to ware out pretty quick. Gears were for card board lines and other paper products.
John Abbott posted
[Note they are machining inside the hub.]

John Abbott posted
Chris Austin Mesta machine.
John Abbott posted
Phil Pia Mesta! Those are the same mills i work on, nice pic


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