Sunday, March 19, 2017

Duval Junction: UP/C&NW vs. CN/SOO/WC

(Satellite) I thought I have written about Duval. But evidently I could never figure out where it was located. Steven's comment provides enough information for me to finally determine where it is located.

Jerry Jackson posted
Metra/RTA F40PH 167 shoves an afternoon rush hour CNW Northwest Line train to Chicago as it accelerates over the Wisconsin Central diamonds at Deval Tower in Des Plaines, Illinois - June 5, 1991.
The routes that form a triangle here are the CN/SOO/WC on the right, the UP+CP/C&NW+Milwaukee freight cutoff on the top, and a UP/C&NW mainline across the bottom. The tower is in the lower-right corner of this triangle.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

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