Monday, March 6, 2017

Rock Island Junction is now broken

I think this was the Rock Island Junction, I'm still trying to verify that.
Steven J. Brown posted
Well this was a complete accident. I popped off the now image (top - February 24, 2017) because I thought it was interesting that a modern LED signal was protecting a severed track. No train in the image but it does have my rental car which, in compliance to Rule 9, was returned with footprints on the roof. As I was digging around tonight, I discovered almost the exact angle from forty years ago (bottom - October 9, 1977) of a Conrail freight heading from the BRC to the CR main.

Stan Stanovich ...the relatively recent disconnection with the "J" at Rock Island Junction is a CN "thing!!!" (or since their acquisition of the EJ&E!!!)..
He climbed the Pennsy embankment and is looking West under the Skyway. The lone track that is left under the Pennsy+NYC bridges is no longer used!

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