Friday, September 29, 2017

Aban/C&NW/CGW crosses over C&NW

Mark Llanuza posted
My before and after shot at Lombard IL 1980 and 2015 on tre CGW line
The trail builders decided to add curves and build brand new bridges to keep the bridges shorter of the 3-track C&NW and St. Charles Road.

This was out in the boonies in 1938. The current St. Charles Road has been built since then. The 1938 St. Charles Road is now St. Charles Place.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1980 westbound crossing over The CNW
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1980 with westbound crossing over the CNW main line in Lombard IL
Jack Morgan Did that curve around the bridge supprt on main three have any restriction at all? It likely isnt as sharp as it looks but I still cant see trains doing 60+ mph around it..?Debbie Boers I always wondered about little curve too. I rode few scoots back then and don't remember any slowing down for it. I believe track speed was 70 MPH (psgr) most everywhere on the Galena Divn.
Mark reposted his older photo as a standalone photo:
Mark Llanuza posted
Its 1979 eastbound commuter goes under the the former CGW line with westbound Frt coming at Lombard IL
Chris John posted
This is what was left of the CGW bridge over the C&NW in Lombard, Illinois in November, 1984.
Third photo posted by Marty Bernard
CGW 104C crossing CNW, Lombard, IL in January 1965. Rick Burn photo.
Sam Richards Eastbound or westbound?
Sam Richards So St. Charles Road overpass is under the eighth car back, approximately? I grew up in Elmhurst, and my mom drove often to my uncle's in Lombard, saw this bridge often, but never a train on it. Saw several, though, looking out back window of the Burger King about a half-mile east of here on St. Charles!
Rick Hess WB if St. Charles RD is passing below the 8th car. This would make it #143 which was called for Noon @ the Chicago Transfer. The other scheduled WB, #91, had a Midnight call time.


  1. I think it's eastbound. The original bridge covered the northernmost CNW tracks, while an additional span was added to the south side when the CNW went triple track.

  2. This is a westbound train. Train will soon begin to cross above Grace street.