Friday, September 29, 2017

BSNF/Santa Fe 1910 Bridge over Spoon River near Dahinda, IL

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Satellite)

I would have ignored yet-another-railroad bridge until I noticed it was over the Spoon River. I remember Spoon River is where the KJRY had a truss bridge collapse. Fortunately, railroads are much more willing to maintain truss bridges than IDOT is. This is a pin-connected Parker truss that was built in 1910.

The track speed is high for such an old bridge.(new window)

Aerial views of four trains running over the trestle spanning the Spoon River at Dahinda, Illinois. This is the BNSF's Chillicothe subdivision. BNSF 7674 Wes.

Since it is the Chillocothe subdivision (former Santa Fe), I thought it would be just the usual collection of pigs, stacks, and racks. But there is a mixed freight train.
It looks like the three 4-bay NS hoppers are carrying tock (URL)
In some of his photos in Bridge Hunter, Steve uses his shoe to demonstrate how big some of the pins are.

Bryan L Mckillip posted
An 1870s railroad bridge in Dahinda Illinois
Dennis DeBruler Bridge Hunter indicates it is a 1910 bridge. Since this is on the former Santa Fe mainline of the BNSF, I would have to agree with 1910. I've noticed that Santa Fe kept using pin-connected eyebar designs for their newer bridges.

A portal view

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