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Cannelton Locks, Dam and Hydro Power


Paul Osterhus, Jul 2018, cropped
[The lower pool looks high, so why aren't the gates up?]
According to USACE, the upper and lower pools are normally 383' and 358', giving a drop of 25'. "The project was approved as a replacement for existing Locks and Dam 43, 44, and 45 on January 27, 1960."

A 15-barge tow showing off the 1200' capacity of the Ohio River locks.

Michael Haynes posted
Michael Haynes Cannelton locks & dam. 2 4000’s @ 125 tons, 2 39A’s, 2 71-B’s, a 54-B, a steam derrick boat and 2 Clyde Whirley gantry’s. That’s all it took to build locks and dams
Darrin Liegel Michael Haynes Didn’t know they made a 4000 rated@ 125 ton
John George 125 ton 4000’s were non W’s. I think there were 125 ton vicons. The 125 were 24’ long and 17’ wide. W’s were 24’ long and 21’ wide

Street View, Oct 2008
It appears the hydropower plant has yet to be built. I added Global Earth views below.

Street View

Street View

Ryan Burleson posted three photos with the comment: "Found these working at the Cannelton locks and dam. I'm fixing the RT in the bottom of the lock."

Mark Goodrich 39w.Ben StalveyGroup Admin Sure looks nice yet

Jack Hines Long walk for tools, isn't it!Ryan Burleson Yes sir. About 5 stories of stairs and the length of a lock twice. That's just one way. I did a lot work with 1 pair of pliers. LolJack Hines Ryan Burleson I'll bet, I always carried a pair of channel lock in my back pocket.
When I looked at the satellite image, I noticed this dam has already had a 3-bulb, 88-MW hydro power plant added on the side. This reminded me to check the status of the hydro power plant being built next to the Smithland Dam. The 2017 satellite image has not changed from the one copied in the posting. The Bing image is old enough to show the Cannelton plant still being constructed.

Bing Satellite
Now that I've learned how to use Global Earth as a time machine, I can include more views of the construction. It is also interesting to see the different river flows and tow activity.
Oct 2008

Aug 2010
I'm surprised how much debris has been allowed to build up against the gates. I assume it is too risky to take construction equipment on a barge that close to the dam during a high river flow. In addition to the travelling gantry on top the dam, it appears they need a travelling crane that would allow them to lift debris up and over the dam.  Submersible tainter gates are normally used to allow ice to flow through the dam. But they should also be able to allow debris to flow through the dam since these are 100' gates. 

Oct 2013

Jun 2016

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