Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cannelton Locks, Dam and Hydro Power

Ryan Burleson posted three photos with the comment: "Found these working at the Cannelton locks and dam. I'm fixing the RT in the bottom of the lock."


Mark Goodrich 39w.Ben StalveyGroup Admin Sure looks nice yet

Jack Hines Long walk for tools, isn't it!Ryan Burleson Yes sir. About 5 stories of stairs and the length of a lock twice. That's just one way. I did a lot work with 1 pair of pliers. LolJack Hines Ryan Burleson I'll bet, I always carried a pair of channel lock in my back pocket.
When I looked at the satellite image, I noticed this dam has already had a 3-bulb, 88-MW hydro power plant added on the side. This reminded me to check the status of the hydro power plant being built next to the Smithland Dam. The 2017 satellite image has not changed from the one copied in the posting. The Bing image is old enough to show the Cannelton plant still being constructed.

Bing Satellite

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