Saturday, September 30, 2017

IHB Michigan Avenue Yard and Tank Car Explosion

(see below for satellite information)

I learned about this yard while trying to determine where a propane tank blew up in a tank car cleaning facility.

Gabe Argenta commented on a posting
According to comments, it was the old UTLX 86 cleaning company and is now the Lakeshore Railcar and Tanker Services. Google marks it as United Rail Services.

Alan Craig commented on a posting
The above photo allowed me to determine the exact location of the explosion. Basically, the white building on the right no longer exists.
3D Satellite
But the key comment in terms of learning railroad yards was: "Herman Lund It's off the south end of the IHB Michigan Ave yard." It is a large yard that is still a yard, as opposed to an intermodal facility. According to a B&OCT map, the tracks to the northeast are also part of this yard.
Arturo Gross Flickr 1995 Photo

Arturo Gross Flickr 2017 Photo,  a unit train of steel coils. Arturo commented: "3528 is an ex BN unit and has an unusual flared radiator section." David Brown commented on Arturo's posting: "It’s because it’s an Ex LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) locomotive."

Arturo Gross Flickr 2001 Photo You can see two blast furnaces in the background.

Arturo Gross Flickr 2018 Photo of an IHB train that is still using GP38-2s.

Arturo Gross Flickr 2018 Photo of gensets pulling out a string of tank cars while a CP loco waits to enter the yard. (posting)
Jerry Jackson commented on Arturo's post
Man, the Harbor sure has changed.

Arturo Gross Flickr   "Indiana Harbor Belt NRE 3GS21C Genset 2163 leads a string of tank cars south out of Michigan Ave Yard in East Chicago IN, Dec 23 2018, while CP 9771 waits for a signal to head north into the yard."

Arturo Gross Flickr    "East Chicago IN used to be switcher territory, illustrated by the fine examples here. Elgin Joliet & Eastern SW1200 304 taking the CSX/EJ&E connector at Calumet Tower, while IHB NW2 8821 works at Michigan Avenue Yard, Nov 1993."

Arturo Gross Flickr "Fifteen years ago, NS 4813 an ex Conrail B40-8 leads a hot metal bottle train past Michigan Avenue Yard in East Chicago, headed for IHB's Lakefront Yard, Aug 6 2004."

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