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Steam Powered Pumping Stations for an Oil Pipeline

I have discussed how utilities such as phone and oil companies would use a railroad's right-of-way to bury their cables or pipes. Comments on Roger's posting below have taught me that an oil pipeline was laid along Santa Fe's right-of-way from oil fields in Kansas to the Standard Oil Co. refinery in Whiting, IN. The pipeline started in 1906 and was used until at least the 1930s. [GenealogyTrails, Facebook comments]

Roger Holmes posted
I love shooting photos with a late afternoon sun. It casts a golden glow on subjects such as this BNSF eastbound going past the old pumping station for the Standard Oil pipeline at Wilburn (or is it Wilbern? I've seen it spelled both ways) Illinois on November 27, 2009. © Roger A. Holmes.
John Carson The Wilbern Pumping Station matches stations in Ft. Madison, Ponemah, (Warren County) Dahinda (Knox County) and Kernan (East of Streator) in style, layout and materials used in construction. There is an old Pumping Station in Ranson which is a different style, but closely match two pumping stations in Marceline Missouri. I'll have to check out the one in LaRosa.

Wilbern Satellite
1907 Post Card of Wilburn Illinois from GenealogyTrails
Donated by Sharon Kopina
This is a view looking down into the village of Wilburn.  Behind the photographer are hills and cliffs with the creek running in front of the hills.  You can see the oil pumping station in the distance. Beyond the station is the creek  and the Santa Fe Railroad. -- Nancy Piper

Jon Martin commented on Roger's posting
It may be hard to believe but someone lives in the one in LaRose. I wanted to see it as well and a group of us pulled up to it. 2 guys came walking out in pajama pants to see what was going on. Good thing they liked old Army trucks because they gave us a tour.
Note that for some of these towns, these pumping stations were the only industry. You can tell they were a source of pride because they have not removed the tall smokestacks.
Jon Carson commented on Roger's posting
Kernan Il (A Google Photo)
John Carson  commented on Roger's posting

John Carson  commented on Roger's posting
Former pumping station at Ransom. Different style, brick construction, not stone block. Matches those in Marceline Mo.

John Carson  commented on Roger's posting
Maeceline Mo. one plant.

John Carson  commented on Roger's posting
The other plant at Marceline Mo.
Christoph Traugott posted eight photos with the comment:
Abandoned coal-fired Prairie Oil & Gas Company oil pumping station, along the BNSF Transcon, the pipeline ran from Kansas to Griffith, Indiana. Prairie Oil & Gas Company was acquired by Sinclair Oil in 1932. Kernan, La Salle County, Illinois.









Roger Holmes posted
An eastbound BNSF freight with the old Standard Oil Pipeline pumping station at Wilburn, IL on February 22, 2008. © Roger A. Holmes.

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