Sunday, September 3, 2017

Chevron/Texaco Facility in Lockport, IL

Bill Molony posted
Texaco used to have a refinery and tank farm along the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal on the north side of Lockport, IL. The Sante Fe tracks passed it on the west side and the GM&O passed it on the east side. The 1939 aerial photo below shows rows of tank cars on the west side. So GM&O had an industrial spur that went west along the south side of the Texaco facility to access that rail yard. The red line near the lower-right corner in the aerial photo shows the curve where the spur left the mainline and curved to the west. The above photo was taken along that curve.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
The refinery closed in 1981. The land has been cleaned and Chevron is ready to market the 500 acres as the Star Business Park. Last March the Lockport City Council approved a land swap of about 13 acres with Chevron. [ChicagoTribune] If you look at the boundaries of Lockport, you will see a "hole" on the north side along New Avenue. That "hole" contains a tank farm. I don't know if it is owned by Chevron or not because I have noticed there are no signs along the road or on the tanks.

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  1. The boundary "hole" on the north side of Lockport is a Tank Farm that is owned by Shell.