Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dragline demonstrating that a fire needs oxygen as well as fuel and heat

This video shows the coal is not burning when it is in the dragline's bucket, but when it is dumped so that it spreads out and a lot of the coal becomes exposed to the air, you get a fireball.
Justin Curless shared a video
Dave Morse Good thing it was a Marion, it would have melted the boom and mast on a BE
Loza Stanton Hardly a challenge for an 8200
Jim Ludwiczak Hope they are wearing respirators.

Mitch Kelly When a coal seam catches fire and you can't dig it out it will smoulder for hundreds of years until th ground above it collapses, happened in America and wiped out a whole district. I hope they sorted this one out.

Chris Onweller Mitch, I was thinking of Centralia too. You can't fill it with water or gasses, you either dig or let it burn. 

Just one HUGE reason coal mines use so much water - to pull coal dust out of the air and reduce the chance of a fire.

Paul Weichert Sounds like that dragline is ate up with grease worms!
Mark Kinnaman @ Damian O'Sullivan, it aint wasting money, its trying to save money so it done go underground where they cant put it out

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