Saturday, September 30, 2017

CGW Austin Yard

Mark Llanuza posted
Eastbound 192 at Austin Yard 1967 [photo collection Mark Llanuza]
Tom Casper That is the six pack I likeEan Kahn-Treras yeah...holy crap. Passing right by the Central Ave station on the Forest Park branch. It doesn't have much time left in service either as it was abolished as a station stop in September of 73.

I'm gonna have to get you a photo of the CSX candy job [Ferrara Candy Company] passing this exact spot so you can see how little has actually changed here. Very neat, Mark

The caption raised the question: where is Austin Yard?
The yard the CGW leased from the B&OCT was called the "Chicago Transfer Yard" and it lays just south of the Eisenhower Expressway between Cicero and Laramie Avenues in Chicago. The yard is lightly used today by the CSXT to serve a couple local industries. CGW freights normally operated directly into the B&OCT yard and the power layed over there, while the small amount of local traffic CGW handled was set out and switched at "the Transfer". [Trains]
It would have been the 48th Ave. Yd. on this map:
As usual, there were more, and longer, tracks in 1938. But I'm surprised how much vacant land was south of the yard. I'm used to seeing a lot of "brown land" in today's aerial views of railroad and industrial areas, but I'm not used to seeing what appears to be a lot of torn down industrial buildings in 1938.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

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