Friday, September 29, 2017

KJRY/TP&W Bridges over Spoon River near Siville, IL

(Old Bridge Hunter, New Bridge HunterSatellite of Old Truss, Satellite of Replacement Steel Girder)

Fmiser photo from Bridge Hunter, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA)

Keokuk Junction Railway wrecked this bridge over Spoon River even though it had been inspected just a few months earlier. "Built 1890; collapsed Sept. 16, 2013; replaced with deck girder spans and reopened May 21, 2014." [Old Bridge Hunter]

"Built for the Missouri Pacific Colorado River crossing in Bay City, Texas; moved here in 2014" [New Bridge Hunter]

Four photos were posted on Facebook with the comment:
A train carrying corn syrup derailed just off of Route 95 on Seville Road, sending freight cars into the Spoon River yesterday 9-16-13. Here is an article link and a copy of their photos. Here is another link about it. [I see both links are now broke! :-( It seems I should ignore copyright considerations and copy the content so that it won't disappear. One of them mentioned that corn syrup was a pollutant as far as the fish was concerned. Some died.]



Pictures of trains crossing the bridge, including some cab units, were posted on Facebook. A photo of the Fs on the new Spoon River bridge from a different angle. A video of some trains in action including more F units.

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