Friday, January 18, 2019

Ann Arbor Ferry Dock in Frankfort, MI


Even though Frankfort, MI is north of the Betsie River, an 1954 aerial photo shows the ferry dock and a small yard was south of the river. The 2005 SPV Map confirms that the Ann Arbor dock was south of the river. That map indicates there was ferry service to Manistique, MI; Menominee, MI; Kewaunee, WI; and Manitowoc, WI.
John Ashley of the Ann Arbor Railroad had an idea. Instead of transferring cargo from railcar to lake boat to railcar, he would ship loaded freight cars across Lake Michigan. On November 27, 1892, twenty-two cars were loaded at Kewaunee, Wisconsin, and ferried across the Lake to Frankfort, Michigan. This was the start of cross-lake railroad carferry service. [WMHS]
Mike Harlan shared
From the Menominee fb group.
Peter Carr posted, looking towards the northwest
It appears the town as preserved the memory of the AA roundhouse in a park:

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