Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lampson Transi-lifts

Two of them building a coal handling facility

It takes a lot of land and handling equipment to store coal. In contrast, natural gas can be stored in an underground geologic structure with some wells and pumps.

The following photos are from a posting by David Guarino.
Ben Stalvey 4600 series 4
Anthony Sophios Wiggins island coal terminal, just north of Gladstone. The sections being lifted in these images are the conveyor galleries, then the stackers run on them and across the stockpile pad.







Building two pressure vessels

Lampson International, LLC posted
Lampson Transi-lift making a lift in Bayway, NJ
[The comments indicate this was done in 1998 or 2000.]
I think it is building the two tall towers in this view.
3D Satellite

Christopher Winston posted
Here's A Better Picture . I Found This Picture On The Robert D. Marple Our Town Website.
Christopher Winston Is It True, That It Takes A 3 Man Crew To Operate These Cranes ? 1 For Each Set Of Crawlers And 1 For The Crane.
John Golden Christopher Winston yes
Tim Gann You are correct. John I put the 1200 ton together 3 times in Port Arthur Texas. We were using it to lift the domes off the car crackers. It takes 143 tractor trailers to bring it onsite. We ran a 32 part block with a collection ring with 24 2 and 1/2 inch chokes on it. The first time we put it together it took about 5 and a half weeks. The last time we had it together in 3 and a half weeks. Same people putting it together each time. Milo Bingston was the head operator on it.
Gerry Celia You walk the rear cats to swing the load. The whole rig is Ingenious for the time and still widely used today. And when you are done, the boom unbolts completely and the pieces store in those containers for shipping to the next job. In fact, the whole crane goes in containers for shipping.

Bob Brickman commented on Christopher's post
Bob Brickman Christopher Winston here’s a LTL3000

More photos of cranes built with extenders

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