Monday, January 14, 2019

CP/Milwaukee Bobtail Bridges in Milwaukee, WI

KK (Kinnickinnic River) 1898 Bridge (Bridge Hunter3D Satellite)
Menomonee River 1904 Bridge (Bridge HunterHistoric Bridges3D Satellite)

The motivation for this post is to record the link of the 1947 operation timetable that Jon Roma provided when I asked for the speed limits for these bridges after I learned that some passenger trains can go over the EJ&E diamond at Rondout Junction at 100 mph. And all of them were allowed to do 90mph across the diamond. His complete comment on a post:
The only two drawbridges I know of on the First Subdivision of CMStP&P's Milwaukee Division are KK Bridge (which as of 9147 had a 60/40 speed restriction), and the Menominee River bridge, which fell within a 30/25 speed restriction that included curves coming into the old Milwaukee passenger station.
The whole Milwaukee Road timetable scan is available at if you are interested.
Street View of KK Bridge, east elevation

Street View of KK Bridge, west elevation

Street View of Menominee Bridge, east elevation
You can see part of the tray on the left that holds the couterweights for the short end of this bobtail bridge. This reminds me of Milwaukee's Z-2 Bridge in Chicago.

Street View of Menominee Bridge, west elevation

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