Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Trail?/Aban/Milw 1909 Bridge over Columbia River near Vantage, WA

(Bridge Hunter 1; Bridge Hunter 2; no Historic Bridges; Satellite)

Thad Roan, CC BY-SA
This is the first time I have seen such heavy steel girders on top of a truss. I assume the girders were added to strengthen the bridge. The centenary supports reminds me that the Milwaukee Road electrified its route through the mountains.
Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition posted
We have created an informational handout on the Beverly Bridge project to share with legislators or anyone else. It includes the logos of other organizations that are strong backers of this project. Click here, print some out, and pass them around!
Just three days ago I found a big bridge that is too weak to hold pedestrians. And now I found another. "The bridge is on the route of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, which follows the Milwaukee Road right-of-way through Washington State, but the bridge is closed due to its poor condition." [Wikipedia] Again, if it is too weak to hold pedestrians, how close is it to not being able to hold itself?

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