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IHB Calumet City Yard

Some call this IHB State Line Yard, but that would be confusing because some also use the name State Line for the IHB Burnam Yard. But I am left with the question of where is the yard that this map labels as Statle Line Yard (NS-IHB)?
B&OCT Map, 134th is 136th in Indiana
Ben Elliot posted the comment:
Would anyone know about operations at the IHB Calumet City aka State Line Yard. What I am wondering specifically is what is the general function of the yard, e.g. Local Customers, etc.
Also, would traffic be delivered there directly or would it have been fed from Blue Island, or elsewhere for that matter.
Ean Kahn-Treras Are you referring to N. State Line Yard just north of State Line Crossing, or the small yard west of Homan Ave crossing on the border of Hammond and Burnham?
Bob Lalich Ben Elliot - if you are referring to the IHB yard between Hohman Ave and Calumet Park, I believe NS delivers interchange there. I'm not sure if there are any carload shippers still in the immediate area. The IHB yard north of the South Shore along the state line is called Burnham Yard.
[Additional comments established that Calumet City WAS an interchange yard with NS.]
Mike Breski Most of the cars for Calumet City industries came from Blue Island. Cars set out for interchange would go to Blue Island for classification. Ii's been a while since i worked for IHB memory a little foggy as far as what roads set out there. Yard is on Calumet City Burnham border under Burnham ave bridge about a mile south of CSSSB between Hohman and Calumet Park as Bob Lalich stated. When i worked at the Gibson West End before it became auto rack land one month NS would deliver next month we would pick up from Osborne [Yard].

The yard does still exist, and it doesn't look like it is just used for storage. So today's usage is still a mystery.

Flickr from John W. Barriger III IHB Album
Bob Lalich identified this as the Calumet City Yard in a post. He notes that the building in the distance is Calumet Park Tower.
We obviously are looking under the Burnham Avenue overpass. But are we looking East or West. And why are there tracks on both sides of the mainline? That is not true in today's satellite image. So I fired up the time machine of 1939 aerials. As expected, there were a lot more tracks in this area back then. So many, that I included two excerpts: west and east of the overpass. The above view is looking westish. I put a red rectangle around the water tower and a blue rectangle around the junction tower.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP, west of Burnham
The east/west tracks in the middle right above the water tower is B&OCT that B&O uses for entrance into the Chicago area.
What industry has that narrow building along the south side of the yard? Are they separate small buildings or skylights on a really long, skinny building? According to a comment by Bob Lalich in a comment on the following phoot, they are stockyards.

Flickr from John W. Barriger III IHB Album
Most of the yard tracks west of Burnham are now gone. But some of the tracks on the east side still exist. Most of the industry on the east side has not been replaced by new industries.

1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP, east of Burnham

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