Friday, January 11, 2019

NS/NKP Osborn Yard


This yard is just west of Osborn Junction.

The obvious looking yard in the satellite image is the IHB Osborn Yard. I learned of the NS/NKP Osborn Yard from a comment by Mike Breski on a posting: "When i worked at the Gibson West End before it became auto rack land one month NS would deliver next month we would pick up from Osborne." The following map excerpt implies a NS yard west of the Osborn Junction.

B&OCT Map, 134th is 136th in Indiana
On a satellite image, I could not find much of a yard. So I looked at 1951 and 1959 aerial photos. There were so many tracks back then, it was yard to figure out what would be part of a NKP yard. I decided that what we see today was it. A couple of tracks north and south of the mainline. Two of which are long enough to go to Indianapolis Blvd. Industrial spurs off the northernmost track still exist for ICL-Halox (ICL from Halox). But the main function for the yard would be interchange.

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