Saturday, January 19, 2019

Trail?/CP Bridge over South Saskatchewan River at Outlook, SK


Lloyd De Zeeuw posted
Canadian Pacific Railway span of the South Saskatchewan River, Outlook Saskatchewan Canada.
The trestle has been closed for many years to rail traffic, and has been, til recently, been used as a walking bridge..... part of the Trans-Canada Trail. Currently closed to walking traffic also, pending bridge repairs.
Ron Ellwood-Thompson How on earth can CP afford to abandon such an expensive structure which must have cost a fortune to build.
Troy Nolen Doubt they will dismantle it, but just let it rot. 

If the line has no purpose anymore, past costs don't matter. You don't run trains over it, just to do it, because it cost a lot to build... 

CSX in 2012 paid $7 million dollars to rebuild a bridge over the New River near Gauley Bridge WV that served a single coal mine they loaded at a few times a week, in 2016 the mine closed, seriously doubt they recovered that money, and will probably never see a train again.

Lloyd De Zeeuw Ron..... this is Saskatchewan. As small wooden grain elevators closed..... so did branch lines. The cost of maintaining such a structure for little to no line profit can not be justified. I assume that you are an American. Take some time to study about Saskatchewan Canada and you will learn a better understanding of your statement.
 Canadian Pacific Railway bridge over South Saskatchewan River under construction, Outlook, Saskatchewan.

Francis Otterbein shared
1911 - Outlook SK's CPR bridge construction as it crosses the South Saskatchewan River. Related to the post below, this bridge was, at one point, hoped by many to also carry vehicles across, replacing the need for the existing slow and archaic ferry.
The CPR was certainly game to add a second lower deck and simply modify their plans to accommodate a roadway before work had begun, but it wasn't to be. Communication on the matter was doggedly slow between the gov't and the railway, and with a deadline in play, work finally went ahead, making it a rail-only crossing.
Lloyd De Zeeuw following the CPR abandonment of the line from Loreburn SK. to Rosetown SK., the bridge became a walking trail until a couple years ago. When we could walk it, I walked to the center point with my "then lady-friend" and porposed marriage to her. It's a beautiful bridge to see as it crosses the South Saskatchewan River.
First passenger train over C.P.R. bridge in Outlook, Saskatchewan
[Completed on Oct 23, 1902. It was last used by the railroad in 1987. It is 150' high and 3000' long.]
The view is spectacular and is a bird watchers delight as Outlook is situated along the North American Central Flyway for migrating birds!
[The site says that when the Sky Trail is reopened, it will again become part of the trans-Canada Trail. CPR donated the bridge to be part of that trail.]
I know that people are getting obese, but if the bridge can't support pedestrians, then it can't support its own dead weight. I researched, but I can't find out what caused the bridge to be closed. At least the TownOfOutlook page implies that, whatever the problem is, someone plans to fix it.

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