Friday, January 25, 2019

CSX/NYC 1901 Bridge over Hudson River at Albany, NY with stuck boat

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; an aerial view of the entire bridge3D Satellite, 17 photos)

Normally, I wouldn't do yet another swing bridge. But normally a boat is not stuck at one.

Screenshot from a share by Ron Plass
One of the unmanned boats nearing the Livingston Ave bridge, a railroad trestle. CBS6 is following these boats as they make their way south on the Hudson River.
James Lauser Fortunately it didn't hit the swing section...
James Lauser It would appear that Amtrak is still running trains over the bridge despite the stuck ship.
[It is worth watching the video for a few seconds to see how fast the current is moving. I took a screenshot where a larger ice flow was floating by in the foreground.]
Ron Plass commented on his post
James Lauser Rensselaer Police Department's Facebook page.
I was wondering if the smokestack is fold-able to clear low bridges when being deadheaded. The following indicates the answer is "no."
Screenshot @ 0:14
WRGB CBS 6 News, Albany4:31#BREAKING: State Police say the Dunn Memorial Bridge is now closed.
The four-deck Captain J.P. III cruise ship and six other vessels drifted downriver from Troy toward Albany early Friday, temporarily closing five vehicle bridges during morning rush hour.
The 300-foot cruise vessel was stuck for hours beneath a railroad bridge connecting Albany and Rensselaer, prompting Amtrak to reduce speeds over the span. Two Coast Guard ice-breaking cutters and two commercial tug boats worked to pull it free.
The Coast Guard says the ship was freed around 3:30 p.m. and towed back north to Troy. The Coast Guard says all other vessels that drifted downriver were also secured by Friday afternoon.
Spoke with Capt JP Cruiselines, who tell me, "The fire department tells us a tug boat broke loose north of the JP, went over the dam and hit the JP causing it to break loose from its mooring."
I'm told the captain is "in transit back from the city."
Judging from a photo gallery, most of the seven vessels were empty barges.

Mike Fisher shared ("Some more coverage of the boat strike on the former NYC freight/bypass bridge in Albany, NY. Still currently used by CSX and Amtrak.") Scott Snell's share of seven photos.
Douglas Elliott Awesome pictures Scott. Would you mind if I shared this?
Scott Snell Douglas, Thank you and yes, please do.







Scott Snell's video of the recovery

Rensselear City Police Dept. video  (source)

(new window) Boy did they luck out with that empty barge at 5:40.

(new window)

gCaptain has some videos of tugs rescuing some of the other loose vessels. (source)
Charles Newton This slip shod incident could have ended Empire Service, The Ethan Allen and the Lake Shore Limited for a very long time....
Edward Sherlock Very fortunate that there was no structural damage to the bridge!

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