Sunday, January 6, 2019

Carson Prairie Scott Warehouse


Bill Molony posted
The Alton Railroad class P-13A 4-6-2 Pacific-type #5268 at Chicago in July, 1936.
Bob Lalich 18th St bridge and the Carson Pirie Scott warehouse in the background.
Dennis DeBruler I thought this was a cold storage building. I did not realize it was a retail warehouse. So the locomotive is westbound heading south and we see the south end of Pennsy's yard under the bridge.
Bob Lalich I am trying to determine when CPS&Co stopped using the building. By 1956, they were using a newer warehouse located at Clearing switched by BRC.

Street View, west elevation
While taking a photo of the pagoda in Ping Tom Park, I happened to get the building in the background.
20150502 0708, east elevation
And I got a clear shot of a big chunk of it when grabbing a photo of a tourist boat. The tower on the left is the north tower of the South Branch Bridge.

Some times I catch part of it when I turn and take a photo of the train bridge because I have heard a horn sound. In this photo, the train is not yet visible. With the cheapness of digital photos, I take shots first, ask questions later.
20150513 1453
For the next shot, I had time to zoom in. The boat is waiting for someone to answer his radio calls about raising the bridge so that he can continue down the river. The train was two UP locomotives running light. They are probably going to Canalport Yard.

Note that as UP leaves the bridge on the left, NS is entering it on the right. The Amtrak dispatcher evidently hold the freights so that when a window is made for freight traffic, multiple trains can use that window. Note the dispatcher still hasn't let that boat, which was waiting when I arrived, have a window.

And NS has a two boxcar train.

The boxcars would be coming from Continental Paper Grading Co.

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