Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Aban/Frankfort & Cincinnati Railroad 1888 Bridge near Stamping Ground, KY

(no Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

This abandoned railroad was harder to trace on a satellite image than I expected given that it wasn't abandoned until 1972. It is interesting how well the timber bents have survived with no maintenance.

Ed Vasser posted  (source)
Here are two contrasting photos showing Bridge No 24 that was located on the Frankfort & Cincinnati Railroad south of Stamping Ground, Kentucky. The upper photo shows the bridge as constructed in 1888 by the Kentucky Midland (later Frankfort & Cincinnati) and the lower photo shows what remains today - the south end timber approach and the concrete footers still in place. When I worked for the F&C in 1969, we traveled over this bridge twice a day making our run to the Southern Railway in Georgetown, Kentucky. Bridge was still in good shape then. There were two similar bridges located west of Stamping Ground. The line was abandoned from Elsinore (5 miles east of Frankfort) to Georgetown in 1972.

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  1. I don't know if you may see this or not or even if you get a notification when someone comments on a post but my grandfather happens to own property where an old right-away is ad there are 2 bridges on site with 2 others close by.