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BNSF Chicago Logistics Park (Intermodal Yard)

(BNSF Intermodal HistorySatellite, 219+ photos)

This facility uses some of the land that was part of the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant.

[The satellite must have caught the yard between trains because the tracks are empty and the gantries are all parked at the ends.]

Connor Haubenreiser posted three photos with the comment: "Couple photos of the CenterPoint Intermodal Center near Elwood, IL. 10/4/2019."




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It appears the railed gantries move containers between the trains and "a pile" and...
PAUL Dworski, Aug 2018
...the Mi-Jacks move the containers between the pile and trucks.
audrius qpstas, Dec 2018
I see there is a more traditional loading/unloading ramp on the left where the cranes go directly between a train and trucks.
PAUL Dworski, Aug 2018
They have special racks and equipment handlers to store empty chassis vertically to save space. These racks confirmed in my mind that the drone video was of this yard.
Henry Ketter, Jul 2018
I wonder how that forklift attachment twists and turns the chassis to get them in and out of the rack.
PAUL Dworski, Aug 2018

Paul caught a lot of action in this one. Near the left is a side-loader helping on a traditional ramp.
PAUL Dworski, Aug 2018
Esmir caught a closeup of the guts of one of the rail gantries.
Esmir Kander, Jun 2018
Now Paul is between a couple of the traditional ramps.
PAUL Dworski, Aug 2018
It looks like a truck driver can loose as much time here as he can at a grain elevator.
audris qpstas, Dec 2018
At least a truck driver normally doesn't have to wait to leave a grain elevator. The big elevators even have a second set of scales to determine the empty weight of the trucks that are leaving.
Antonio Rodgriguez, Jun 2018

This yard is so big that keeping all of that concrete clear of snow would need a snow removal operational comparable to an airport. This is also another view of the empty chassis being stored vertically.
darek St, Feb 2015
That reminds me that CSX North Baltimore Yard had four front loaders and four skid steers parked in a corner of their service area.
20151101 5255
I couldn't find any equipment at BNSF, but that is probably because the satellite images are taken during the Summer and the construction equipment is elsewhere doing construction. Bell Labs used to have a couple of big front loaders parked on the edge of their parking lot during the Winter. But they would be gone during construction season. Midway Airport's equipment is more special purpose, and I was able to find it on a Summer image. Looking at satellite images, I would say BSNF has more concrete to clean then Midway, but less then O'Hare.
I see just a small dent in the edge of the container.
audrius qpstas, Mar 201
This looks like the same booboo. The bend in the truck cab leaving just a little room for the driver is the same. And they are both OOCL containers. But this is posted eight months later.
audrius qpstas, Nov 2018
Crane maintenance facility?
PAUL Dworski, Aug 2018

The logistics park also handles cars as well as containers. (UP unloads their autoracks in West Chicago.)
Ross Alves, Mar 2018
Angie Paolone shared
Vernon Davidson Ok. "Driver stay in Truck" so you can be killed when we drop container on you.
Christian Yvon Mathieu The insurance covers you, in the truck, but not if you're out.
Austin Lopez I used to work at that yard doing maintenance, not surprised that happened with the guys that Parsec (loaders) hires.
Kyle Young Ive seen boxes dropped at the TTX yard in Portland while I was with BNSF. Luckily never on a yard goat or a truck. I always thought those guys worked way too fast and in too much of a rush.
John Mustonen Been there...
Arthur Devoe been there 2
[Does "been there" mean they saw a box drop or that it dropped on a truck?]
Daniel Higginbotham At the yard I work at drivers are supposed to exit the truck when working with a crane or the sideloader and stay in sight. Now how did that box fall on the truck?

Twisted Truckers posted (March 6, 2018)
Bnsf rail in Elwood IL yesterday. Driver is okay.
Anthony Martinez same at bnsf in san Bernardino. intermodal is a joke.
Rich Patty Jr I work at a container yard, and we won't mount a box on a chassis Untill the driver gets out of the truck.
Gary Devonshire I’m starting to think this container fell off the stack onto a truck. I don’t think the crane was over top. He’s too close to the wall of containers.
[Note from photos above that the drivers line up next to the wall of containers.]

Rosee Wii The crane had to drop it...container sits in wrong direction to come from the stack.
Scott Kline It's a 40 foot hicube and he has a 20 foot chassis...
Michael Boettcher It fell from crane, seen it happen at a railyard in chicago, it hit the container next door then rolled upside down. I just hope he has a new pair of underwear.

[NS has different rules for different yards.]

Donnie Pennington The n.s in maple hts makes you get out.James Resides Csx in Columbus Ohio makes you get out. Yet ns in Columbus makes you stay in. 

20 miles apart, different rules.

Devin McOsker Yea, BNSF/LPC make you sit in it. It always made me nervous. It’s happened there before few times I know of.
Leigh Hunley The reason they make you stay in the cab is due to lack of common sense. Road drivers will walk into a pod while the crane operator is digging out another box in the area. You only can see so much up there and y'all want to walk into the stacks and get squashed.
Michael Brown I was the operator next to him when it happened. Don't know exactly what happened, but he had another container in his arms. It was only 16200lbs. I watched it fall out of the stacks. Overall it is safer for the drivers to be in their cabs, and I won't load one that is walking around for their own safety.
Ben Ingram There is a place to lock and unlock your container before and after you get to this point.

And for the love of god remember that safety vest and hard hat!!!

Mark A. Buduris Elwood and this whole logistic park is a joke. Accidents waiting to happen daily. The truck traffic that runs in and out of this place with one way in and out is so terrible, not to mention one lane each direction. If their was an accident on Baseline and emergency responders needed to help this driver, he’d be screwed, or left for dead. Nothing will change until this happens and sues the shit out of Elwood and everyone else.
Eddy Gatton It's only going to continue to get worse with Walter Strawn Drive permanently closed now.
Tony Godsey Eddy Gatton it was closed cause of drivers running the train crossing so...
Mike Gianetti I work here, and the joke is how most of the outside drivers follow NO rules whatsoever(speeding,blowing stop signs,dbl dropping their containers wherever they feel...I could go on forever) And treat us operators and driver's like complete garbage even though some of us actually try to be honest and help them out
Chris Bikerson I used to run cans in the chi, been to Elwood a few times. And in all honesty, most safety violations are drivers. I’ve seen some real idiots in those rail yards....
John Saccomando Get it right, it's the foreign garbage that cut the rates to shit that cause the most problems. Another reason Straun was closed was bc of cutting through funeral processions going to the national cemetery. VETERAN'S FUNERALS!!!
Tony Godsey Let me let you in on a secret ..
.bnsf hired some ass hats to lay out that new part of the yard , there was supposed to be two loading lanes and two drive lanes ...they ended up with half a driving lane and one loading lane ...if it was played out how it was supposed to be and not the multi million dollar f up drivers would not have been that near the stacks but oh well.

Jim Marko The ports I have been to they won't even come near you if you are outside the truck.
Albert Rios This happens more times then you think in the port of Houston you can get out of your truck and stand in front of it if you want because the crane operator can’t see that far down because most of them can’t see past there big ass belly.
Jeff Guse One more reason why I try to stay out of intermodal yards as much as I can. The union thugs working there are always screwing up everything, and then trying to shift blame to somebody else who had nothing to do with the problem they created.

Plus the 
people working there are generally jerks on power trips. Those yards a complete waste of time, which is one reason why container haulers drive at ludicrous speed and act like crazy four wheelers.

For those who don't know:

1. Arrive at gate. Get chased out by thug guard waving a club because the drop number you provide is incorrect.

2. Find a place to park outside the yard and call dispatch to verify drop number is correct.

3. Go repeat steps one and two about three times. Then realize this is a complete waste of time because the electronic log says it is time to find a safe place to park for the 10 hour break.

4. Go back after break. Shift change. New guard. This time the same drop number works. Told to drop at track 4.

5. Get to track 4 to drop. After uncoupling, crazy yard driver on drugs screams about how this is the wrong track 4. Point out the sign indicating track 4 to no effect. Make sure load is sealed and put the bills in the manifest box and seal it. Take photos for evidence.

6. Go look for that empty assigned by the railroad. Unable to find in the ready yard. Drive back to guard gate. Along the way, notice the empty is still on the train. Nothing is moving.

7. Turn around and go back to the ready yard and find a place to hide for a few hours.

8. A few hours later, the empty shows up. Broken lights and fresh flat spots dragged on the tires.

9. Replace lights and figure out a way to get the tires to the closest tire shop without being seen.

10. Successfully get tires replaced.

Total time involved: 22 hours.

Anthony Scott I've seen this a few times at that rail yard when I used to be container trash. Those crane operators will scare the shit out of you.
Leigh Hunley Not empty boxes. These are loads. He was lifting a box out of the stack when it clipped the 40 foot box. Could have been operator or mechanical error or both.
Gig Maresh Happened in Memphis a few years ago at the new and improved BNSF, as well. Our driver got a really shiny new truck out of the incident . . .
Tabitha Hardin Holy crap I used to work there fueling the trains that brought in and out the cargo. Tanker yanker. I've seen them dropping on the ground but I've never seen them do this. Someone at My Jack is getting fired.
Mike Bmc Had that happen to me but did not hit the truck.....They dropped it on the chassis and my body was thrown into the roof. My lunch was all over the place. It blew out all my tires, air bags and all my gauges in the truck.
Tejinder Singh I was there at that time . BNSF Totally stops its operations for almost 3 hrs.
Curtis Zeiger I hated running containers out of Elwood.
Bishop Bullwinka That was my coworker he walked away with a scratch on his hand.
Brian Bell Bet that guy got fired for taking this picture.
Tony Godsey Nope
Ben Godwin Yeah that whole area sucks. UPs global III is there too. Much rather visit the BNSF and CSX yards in Chicago Cicero or Bedford park than to go to Elwood.
Tom Oliver Even an empty OOCL can weighs 8000 lbs!
Ryan Landry commented on Twisted Truckers post
I was there yesterday in front of this guy up about 5 trucks ahead. The guy hit the stack with another box n this one fell off the stack.
Mike Thomas Spotter told me that the crane lost power and dropped it.
Michael Brown I've been an operator at lpc for 12 years. I'm the one who fixed the box 2 weeks ago. These 850s are 16+ years old with many known problems.
Michael Brown Ryan that is proper operating procedure. 900s (machine that accident happened with) lift to slow downs up top, then traverse, then lower and adjust. Widespan (which is what I now operate every day m-f crane 4 until lunch) only moves at 5% until hoisted above 48ft. We use cameras to line up with chassis. It is rare that I ever look down. You'd be surprised at how often I'm moving a box and some road driver is suddenly in my cameras in the stacks. Come very close to putting box on top of someone walking in my stacks when they're not supposed to be and I have no idea they're even there. That's why they're supposed to stay in the trucks. Then we know exactly where they are and are less likely to injure/kill them. No system is 100%.
Mike Thomas Michael Brown if a driver is stupid enough to walk in between the stacks while you're lifting in the same spot then that dumb ass needs to be crushed. There are definitely some dumbass drivers out there but I think what we're trying to say is what started off as short stacks in lot X (which is now S) has turned into a circus. With a thousand containers trying to get lifted with lines of drivers 2 deep and even parking outside the roadway to try and get in and with all those trucks and all those boxes somewhere a mistake is going to kill someone. We know you're doing the best you can. And a lot of these Rail Yards are overrun with containers and you can't park every one of them . Hell you should see what the CN Harvey looks like on a Monday morning... I just think that it's time that the BN start looking into alternatives. More remote yards, or even another rail. Cuz really the main issue is too many containers and not enough space.
Christopher Dryer Sorry buddy, but LPC doesn't have many accidents with the machines involved in this incident. I've been there and operating those same machines for 12yrs and I can count like 4 incidents with this one being the most serious one. When it comes to drivers staying in the truck, I'll never make u get back into your truck while I'm loading you up. As long as I can see you and you're safely clear from action, we're good to go. As an experienced operator we've fought tooth and nail with the higher ups to make it safer in that stack area where this occurred. We told them this would happen. Bottom line for me, if I'm ever loading one of u guys up, which I see a few of u frequent the LPC yard, feel free to get out and make visual contact with me and I'll load your box despite the "stay in your truck sign". I don't blame you. Just stay out the stacks.
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I've scrolled through 350 of the 668 comments and stopped because the comments and photos were becoming totally redundant.

Al Al commented on Twisted Truckers post, cropped
Same yard a few weeks ago
Mike Thomas commented on Twisted Truckers post
This happened in D lot 2 weeks ago.
James Rogers commented on Twisted Truckers post
 Sure...we can do Drop Shipments

Justin Zauner commented on Twisted Truckers post
And I was nervous sitting next to this for their hour break.
Brendan Donoho commented on Twisted Truckers post

Brendan Donoho commented on Twisted Truckers post

A video of a fatal accident. The irony is that the driver moved from the front truck to the rear truck and the truck that was crushed was not the one being loaded/unloaded. Warning, some scenes are rather disturbing.

I also noticed that they were stacking the containers seven high. In America, the highest I've seen allowed is five high.

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