Sunday, March 17, 2019

Continental Can Company

Chicago area used to make a lot of cans. In addition to the American Can Co. having multiple plants, the Continental Can Company had at least three plants. The end was in 1987. [Jim Frascone comment on a share]

Plant #5, 5401 W 65th St

William Russ posted four photos with the comment: "Continental Can Company demolition - 2009."
Edward Meyer Big factory from 65th and Long to Linder.
Edward Labno That whole place was sub divided. I delivered to one of the businesses with a semi tractor trailer in about 2008. They all had the same address like 5501 W 63rd st. . You had to check into the lobby and find your destination/ building number & location.There was a huge map you checked for EXACT position. Once you got was easy. HUGE AREA. Maybe just under a square mile. Had rail & truck access.



I'm saving a 2019 satellite view because if Raani Corporation builds something, they will probably erase the evidence of the industrial spurs.
Google Earth, 5/30/2008   It was gone by 10/6/2009
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

That white-lined brick architecture was very popular for industrial plants in the Chicago area. When I parked my car east of the 31st overpass of the BRC+Manufactures' Junction/Cicero Central Railroad tracks and walked back west, I spotted this building to the north on the west side of Kilbourn Avenue. I took this photo to remind myself to check it out. I do need to get better photos while it is still standing. A Street View indicates it is the office of Unilever Best Foods (They also have a Hellmann's sign.) That plant is still rail served. Note the peaked roof of the water tower of the former Western Electric plant just to the left of the Best Foods office.
20180812 3436

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