Sunday, March 10, 2019

Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco, CA

(Bridge Hunter; Historic BridgesHAERSatellite, no photos)

The date of construction was 1933-1937. [HAER-data]

Photo from HAER CAL,38-SANFRA,140--43 (CT) from ca1355
There is so much information on this bridge that I normally would not bother to add another page about it on the web. But this photo is worth saving. If you scroll through the photos in Bridge Hunter, you see that many times the bridge is in fog.

Steve Sierra posted
Historic Bridges has put together a collection of construction photos. You will have to download that file and unzip it so that you can use your favorite photo viewer to browse the photos. Historic Bridges also offers a couple of "Public Photograph Compilations" as well as an extensive set of photos taken by the site's author, Nathan Holt.

The design we see today seems so obvious. But this proposal by Strauss and O’Shaugnessy shows there were other thoughts as to how to bridge the strait. Please click the link in the caption because the page has lots of other images.
Marcin Wichary
This is another image from Marcin Wichary that I found particularly interesting.
This slide with an update log is combined from many different sources, most notably The Golden Gate Bridge: Report of the Chief Engineer, Volume II from 2007:

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