Monday, March 18, 2019

CN/IC Southern Bridge over Little Calumet River

(no Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

CN/IC crosses the Little Calumet River twice. The northern crossing is part of the Illinois Waterway. Ironically, this southern crossing bridge is relatively long because the river still has it natural river banks.

Bill Molony posted
A two-car Illinois Central Railroad suburban train on the bridge over the Little Calumet River. Undated, but pre-World War II.
Martin Sorenson yeah, pre ww2, but I think those look like the green cars with wicker seats I remember as a kid. My daddy was an engineer on those all of my life.
Bill Molony The IC purchased these cars from Pullman in the 1920's, and they remained in service through the 1960's.
Kam Miller Cars were fun to ride on though! Not so much when it was hot, but you could open the windows.

Bill posted again

The other LRC crossing

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