Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mississippi Lock and Dam #1 at Minneapolis, MN

(John A. Weeks III; Satellite, 44+ photos)
John A. Weeks III
The photo above is a view from the scenic overlook on the East River Parkway. During much of the year, the dam remains dry, and the river current passes through the power house. A small gate next to the power house maintains the pool level behind the dam just below the level of the top of the main dam structure.
John lives in the area, so his page has many photos of the dam from various angles and river levels. This is a small sampling of his photos and commentary.
John A. Weeks III
The dam structure has a inflatable section at the top that can be used to adjust the pool level. The inflatable section on the right side of the dam is a little lower, allowing more water to flow over that side of the dam. The concrete blocks at the base of the dam are called ‘grinders.’ They calm the flow of water at the base of the dam.
John A. Weeks III
John A. Weeks III
This photo is looking down from the pedestrian walkway towards the bottom gate on the western lock as it opens to allow boats to exit from the lock heading downstream. 

Flood of 2019:
[Fast forward to about 5:00 where he does a 360-degree pan of the GN Stone Arch Bridge.]
Patty Reese Curtin2:29 50 plus inches of snow melted all in 2 weeks!! I feel for all the flooding south of the rivers! Lord Have Mercy, Amen
Joyce Scalze9:26 Now go over to downtown St. Paul and see what the river does there. They have closed 4 streets closest to the river that will probably be under water....

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